Research and the Asian Barometer Survey

A key aim of YSPS is to be known as a Center of Excellence for Research in Myanmar.  We took a major step toward achieving this ambition in 2014-2015 when our research team was invited to be the local partner in the cross-national Asian Barometer Survey (ABS). The ABS is a survey conducted in East Asian countries to examine a range of political attitudes and behavior from social capital and political culture to views of international affairs and globalization.  Until 2014, the survey had never been conducted in Myanmar.

The ABS is based at the National Taiwan University, and the National Endowment for Democracy also provided funding for YSPS to deliver the project. Through our involvement in the survey, the YSPS staff and researchers received detailed and crucial survey training that spanned an eight-month period and included two pre-test surveys and a three-week pilot survey in Bago region in September and October 2014.

Following the training, a grant from the Amatae project enabled YSPS to carry out the remaining field research across all 14 regions and states in Myanmar. Four YSPS teams of more than 30 surveyors carried out a total of 1620 interviews in 36 randomly selected townships covering all of Myanmar’s States and Regions. During the pilot survey, ethnic minorities expressed more reserve in answering questions in the pilot survey and steps were taken to address this in the national ABS survey. A special ethnic team comprised of only ethnic minorities was sent to the field in ethnic states and a special team was also sent to Rakhine state. We also made sure that ethnic minorities were also included in each of the national teams. Each interview lasted approximately 90 minutes. Following the survey, the YSPS team worked closely with the ABS team to prepare the data for analysis. For more details visit


Our International Partners

YSPS has been closely working with East Asia Institute (EAI) and with other partner organizations on “Budget Monitoring” since 2015. We intend to build a sustainable Budget Monitoring Network in Myanmar and to promote citizen participation in Government Budget Matters.



For more information on our individual research projects, please see our Projects page.