Yangon School Press (YSP) is an exciting new offset printing business which will support the printing needs of INGOs, NGOs, CSOs and government bodies to help them to advocate and raise awareness of important issues in Myanmar.
A key feature of YSP is that it operates as a social enterprise and will help to fund and support the development of the Yangon School of Political Science (YSPS).

The aim of YSPS is to become an independent university, while at the same time engaging in the country’s democratic transition process. YSPS provides education on political science, across the country, to all those who are interested in this important topic – from the Introduction to Political Science Program (which has been delivered to over 400 students) through to the high level YSPS Master Program which was delivered for the first time in 2015-16. YSPS also holds seminars and workshops and works with students and civil society. YSPS engages not only as a political education provider but also as a politically independent institution which critically assesses the reform process and shares opinions with civil society, political stakeholders and the international community.

The YSPS Research Department performs systematic and qualitative research activities and aims to become a research centre of excellence in Myanmar, producing research data which sustains the democratisation process.
The YSP provides the following services:

Consultations for pre-press and printing processes and on how to use the printing sector to produce advocacy and awareness campaigning materials of good quality and at reasonable charges
Typing for manuscripts and audio and video documents
Page layout
All aspects of the printing process
Contact details:

Address: No.5,Market St.,Pazundaung Tsp.
Phone: 09-973197378, 09-9782970482
Email: ygnschoolpress@gmail.com
Facebook: YSP Printing Service
Twitter: twitter.com/yspprinting