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YSPS initiated M.Sc in Comparative Politics, which is one year program, in 2015. It is neither accredited by nor affiliated with any other institutions. It is YSPS’s own program. There are four units in the course including the dissertation. International scholars who have expertise on respective subject are invited and students are bound to write the required essays. In the last three months, students must write dissertation to accomplish the degree. The class size is normally around 15 and students have to sit for interview and English test for admission.


All applicants

  • must be a graduate
  • must has advanced English level
  • must attend all classes
  • must read all the reading materials
  • must discuss post-lecture seminar

Program detail

  • duration is one year
  • classes are in English and taught by foreign university professors
  • every subject requires successful essay and exam
  • 10,000 words dissertation on one specific topics
  • qualified person will get MSc (comparative Politics)

How to enroll

  1. Apply using the following form
  2. Short-listed applicants will be contacted for English test and personal interview
  3. Accept and start attend

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