Introduction to Political Science # 13



Date TopicsPolitical Ideology

9-Aug What is politics and Introduction to Political
10-Aug Political Ideologies (Liberalism)
11-Aug Conservatism
16-Aug Socialism
17-Aug Introduction to Political Philosophy
18-Aug Introduction to Political Philosophy
23-Aug Discussion and Essays
Political Institution
24-Aug State, Regime and Government
25-Aug State, Regime and Government
30-Aug Democracy and Autocracies
31-Aug Democracy and Autocracies
1-Sep Parliamentarism and Presidentialism
6-Sep Parliamentarism and Presidentialism
7-Sep Parliamentarism and Presidentialism
8-Sep Movie Show
15-Sep Unitarism and Federalism
17-Sep Unitarism and Federalism
18-Sep Unitarism and Federalism
24-Sep Political Parties, Elections and Electoral Systems
25-Sep Democratization
29-Sep Democratization
1-Oct Documentary
2-Oct Discussion and Essays
Political Action – Social Movement
4-Oct Introduction to Game Theory
5-Oct Democratization in Game Theoretic Model
6-Oct Democratization in Game Theoretic Model
11-Oct Documentary for Social Movement
12-Oct Preparation for Presentation or papers
13-Oct Presentation and Certificate

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